Dr. Phil Does it Twice a Week

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Breaking news!  Dr. Phil’s Thursday, March 14, 2012 show features Dr. Phil’s chiropractors, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Dr. Patrick DeFazio.  In the episode, Dr. Phil explains why he gets regular chiropractic checks and/or adjustments for better health.  I am excited that someone as influential a Dr. Phil has stepped up to bring information about the benefits of regular chiropractic care to his millions of viewers.  Thank you, Dr. Phil!  Below is part of a press release from The Chiropractic Journal:

“Television’s #1 daytime host, Dr. Phil, for the first time ever, featured not one but two chiropractors on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show on Thursday March 14, 2012.
And Dr. Phil didn’t just host a show with a chiropractor, he openly endorsed chiropractic for lifetime wellness care, not back pain which wasn’t even mentioned. Dr. Phil shared that chiropractic has helped him and his wife mentally, physically and spiritually.

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini was Dr. Phil’s guest and was asked to explain the principles of chiropractic. He spoke about chiropractic being a natural, holistic way to keep overall wellbeing. Dr. Patrick DeFazio was in the audience and spoke for a few minutes about what a chiropractor does.

Dr. Fab was Dr. Phil’s chiropractor in Texas for 4 years prior to taking over the position of President at Parker University. When Dr. Phil moved to Beverly Hills, Dr. Fab recommended he continue his chiropractic care with Parker University graduate Dr. Patrick DeFazio who Dr. Phil has now been going to twice a week for 10 years.”

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