What Does Nancy Run On? Standard Process S.P. Complete Dairy-Free

Nancy and her Incredible Medals

Nancy and her Incredible Medals

Here’s to Nancy Yavorsky, who recently stopped into our office to say hello and pick up some S.P. Complete Dairy Free, the shake powder she uses to train for marathon running. S.P. Complete is made from whole foods like organic, raw dried kale and brussel sprouts. So far this year, Nancy’s completed a huge marathon in Texas (look at the size of that medal!) and the Los Angeles Marathon. Since starting at Chiropractic Advantage, she has moved more toward a plant-based diet, and finds that using the whole-food supplement S.P. Complete gives her plenty of energy and has cut her cravings for junk foods. She’s dropped weight and has been able to move from doing half-marathons to full marathons. Nancy is a cancer survivor who will soon be able to say she’s been in remission for six years.

Since we’re on the topic of cancer, for those of you who have been in lately, you might know that Dr. Sharon’s sister, Suzanne, has ovarian cancer. In addition to conventional medical treatment, she’s doing many forms of alternative medicine. Included in her regimen is meditation, a vegan diet of mostly organic foods, sprouts, juiced carrots, wheat grass and greens, fermented foods with live beneficial bacteria, Multizyme digestive enzymes, medical cannabis, , Catalyn, Epimune mushroom powder, and Standard Process S.P. Complete Dairy-Free. Six months into this program, her doctors at City of Hope recently called her progress “remarkable.”

These are my thoughts: give the body what it needs to heal and repair, and see how far it can go! For more about Nancy, visit her website. For more about Suzanne, visit her website here.

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