Chronic Pain Causes Brain Shrinkage–Do Something About It!

brain shrinkage bannerFirst reported in 2004 by Apkarian et al in the Journal of Neuroscience, numerous studies now show that chronic pain affects us in multiple ways. Alarmingly, chronic pain is associated with brain atrophy of up to 11%, equivalent to 10-20 years of normal aging.
Other affects include altered brain chemistry, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, immune system suppression, elevated stress hormones, adrenal exhaustion, depression, insomnia, and suicide. It takes a toll on relationships with family and friends as well.
Although people in chronic pain seldom usually don’t admit to a loss of mental abilities, they often complain of a poor memory. Resorting to pain medication only adds fuel to the fire; chronic use of pain medication stresses the body’s organs of detoxification and is associated with depression.
What if there was a drug-free way to manage chronic pain — something natural and free of toxic side effects — that also helps restore spinal mobility and prevent accelerated aging? There is a way! Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Sharon Martinez. She has 25 years of experience helping people in chronic pain using chiropractic care, supplements, and nutritional counseling. You’re just steps away from getting natural pain relief!

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