Athlete Powered by Greens, Chia and Hemp–Plant Based Nutrition

A lot of patients who work out seem skeptical about making dietary changes that could improve their health. They have been trained to believe only animal proteins are good enough to build a strong body. Below is a short video showing a gentleman who eliminated dairy products, lunch meats, and some other processed foods from his diet. He now eats big quantities of vegetables, chia seeds and hemp seeds. He feels better! You see, animal products such as milk create too much inflammation in the body. This inflammation can manifest as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, gut problems, sinus congestion, or any number of other chronic disorders. In addition, milk protein contains a substance called IGF (insulin-like growth factor). In humans, IGF promotes tumor growth. We don’t need that! There are plenty of ways to feel strong and energetic while eliminating foods that can slow you down and inhibit recovery after workout. For inspiration on changing your workout nutrition, check out this video:

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