Chiropractors eat Veggies!

Lunch for Chiropractors

Last week, my assistant Melissa and I hung out with 100 chiropractors from across the U.S. at the Standard Process farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. You may wonder, what can 100 chiropractors have in common? We loved the food! Here’s what was on our plates: turnips, beets, broccoli, yams, and wild rice.
health plate 1

We met some of the nicest people, like Dr. Diana Hudgins Brown from Boaz, Alabama. Dr. Hudgins Brown, we love you! (I was going to put a link to her website here, but evidently, when you live in Boaz and are the only chiropractor for miles and miles, you don’t have a website!) We left feeling good about the future. When people all across the United States begin to realize that packaged foods and prescription pills don’t promote vibrant good health, there are good chiropractors waiting to help. We still tell people the things your great-grandmother said. Go outside and get some sunshine. Straighten up. Eat your veggies. Fiber is what makes you poop.

Great-grandmother had common sense. Chiropractors are trying to restore common sense, while the media bombards you with confusing messages about Dorito-shaped taco shells. Today’s people are a little brain-washed. Example: a reporter for the Los Angeles Times described Smithfield Ham this morning as “quality protein.” Actually, ham is about half fat. According to the Times article, people in China have begun demanding a prodigious amount of pork. So take heart, Americans–within a few years, China may overtake us as one of the least healthy places to live on the planet. Meanwhile, we have over 50,000 chiropractors here in the U.S., and most of them are hoping you’ll straighten up, get some sunshine and eat a brussel sprout.

–to your vibrant good health, Dr. Sharon Martinez

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