Fit Americans

Is there someone who influenced you to lead a Healthier Lifestyle today? For my father, it was Jack La Lanne. My dad would pull a chair into the living room and do calisthenics to his T.V. show. I was a little girl then, so I may not have understood all that Mr. La Lanne was trying to tell us. My martial arts instructor, Guro Jason Cruz, has taken the time to revisit his teachings and shares his knowledge with us in our Kali classes. In the video that follows, listen to what Jack La Lanne has to say about being fit. It seems his message was way before its time, but it certainly applies to us as a nation today.

As the 2012 Olympics unfold this summer, grab some motivation from your favorite athlete and do you part to influence those around you to stay fit. The original chiropractors from the early part of the 20th century called it the Big Idea: healing the world could be accomplished by healing one man at a time. At Chiropractic Advantage, every day is an opportunity for me to share the Big Idea with you.

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