L.A. Marathon Chiropractic Tune-Up

By Sharon Martinez
In March 17, 2012

Wes Carey After his Chiropractic Tune-Up

Friday was a great day at Chiropractic Advantage In Rancho Cucamonga.  Wes Carey of CW Construction, who has been a patient for the past five years, stopped in for a chiropractic tune-up.  He’ll be running in the L.A. Marathon on Sunday morning.  He’s done a number of half-marathons, and this will be his fifth full marathon.  Here’s what we did to ensure that he gets the best possible performance out of his body when he runs those 26.2 miles…

First, we checked the alignment of his lower back and pelvis.  Symmetry and free movement in the back and hips will give him an easier, stronger, and more comfortable stride.  Then we checked the movement of the entire thoracic cage, so he can get the maximum volume of air coming in with each breath.  Even a small percentage improvement here translates to less fatigue over the course of the marathon.  The neck was also checked, since the spinal nerves coming from the neck run the diaphragm, bronchial tubes, heart, arms, shoulders, and many other vital structures.  We also checked every joint in the ankles and feet to optimize ranges of motion and prevent fatigue and injury.  Finally, I helped Wes practice taping a problem area along the lower iliotibial band with Kinesio-Tex Tape (he will apply fresh tape the day of the race himself.  Wes has also taken some advice about adjusting his eating habits (see my recent blog article here).  Better nutrients will provide the sustained energy he requires.  All the best to you, Wes, we can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes!

Also in Friday for an adjustment before her soccer tournament was Sarah Gonzalez, whose mom works for my husband Walter.


Sarah, who is only sixteen years old, has a lot of natural talent.  And, she has already discovered that getting adjusted controls her back pain and helps her with her speed, agility, and stamina on the soccer field.  This stormy weekend, while I am snug at home, I’ll be thinking of both Wes and Sarah.  You can see from my big grin that I, Sharon Martinez, D.C., was the happiest chiropractor ever for having been a part of their pre-event preparations.

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