Living in Alignment

By Sharon Martinez
In April 12, 2013
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When our actions are in alignment with our beliefs, we are living with integrity. Do you think one thing but find yourself doing another? Let’s say you believe that drinking water in plastic bottles is harmful for your body and for the environment. You don’t want to consume a mess of hormone-disrupting chemicals, ever. But when you’re thirsty, you forget all that and find you’re holding a plastic bottle once again. We’ve all got one habit or another that we know we need working on. Some people take pain pills for years rather than losing weight or giving their body the tools it needs to heal naturally.

Sometimes, even going to the medical doctor can make you feel out of alignment. Say you have a sore throat. You know the medical doctor is going to prescribe an antibiotic, but you’re thinking, “this can’t be the answer. Why do I get sick like this?” You don’t believe that a lack of antibiotics made you sick, but you take them anyway. Your actions are not in alignment with your beliefs. Well, here’s your pep talk to step up and take responsibility for your actions and how they affect your body and your sense of integrity.

Ask yourself: “is this nourishing me, or depleting me?” “Is this cleansing me, or poisoning me?” “Is this adding to my burden, or lightening my load?”

Doing the right thing may not have immediate benefits. But sticking to a good habit for even four or five days can result in better health, and it only gets better from there. At Chiropractic Advantage, I consider it my job to put people into alignment. I align the spine so the spinal nerves can govern your body functions the way a conductor guides a beautiful orchestra. But let’s go beyond that and get your whole lifestyle in alignment with fostering better health. The Chiropractic philosophers of the early 20th Century put it this way: when our bodies are in alignment, it is easier for us to align with our higher power. I believe this concepts holds as true today as it did 100 years ago.

Are you in alignment? Talk to me about it. My patients’ collective good health is my life work.

Dr. Sharon Martinez

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