Immunity–Get the Chiropractic Advantage

By Sharon Martinez
In January 11, 2013
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You’ve heard things like, “sugar suppresses the immune system,” and “too much stress will get you sick.” Most of us would agree with those statements just from personal experience. Recently, I came across a research article published in a journal called Brain Behavior and Immunology which helps explain the relationship between stress and our immune system. In it, the authors demonstrate that all immune organs, from the spleen and thymus gland, to the lymph nodes and bone marrow, are substantially connected via nerves running directly to the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is located along our spines in the neck to middle back region. It’s in charge of our response to stress, and keys us up for “fight or flight.” And now it’s becoming clear that the sympathetic nervous system is the primary means by which our bodies influence immune function.

Picture this: your nervous system finds out you’ve just blown out a tire getting on the 210. If we zoom in, we can see the hair at the back of your neck has begun to stand up. That happens when the sympathetic nervous system is running at full speed. Your car swerves and your body anticipates that you are about to be injured. So yes, it makes sense that your immune system would be want to be part of the action! If you do get injured, you’ll need your white blood cells to be on the scene immediately.

Research is underway now demonstrating that chiropractic spinal adjustments can improve the connection between the sympathetic nervous system and our immune system. In one study, blood was drawn from volunteers before and after their spinal adjustments. Staphylococcal bacterial protein was then introduced to the blood samples. White blood cells in the post-chiropractic blood samples were more effective in fighting the bacterial protein. This is fantastic news, and just one more benefit to count for those of you who value regular chiropractic care. After all, there’s a reason I call my practice Chiropractic Advantage!

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