You can Beet it! Chiropractic and Nutrition

By Sharon Martinez
In January 28, 2013
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Over here at Chiropractic Advantage, chiropractic and nutrition are the big topics of conversation. We’re always trying to get people to eat their vegetables. And we don’t mean two or three sprigs of broccoli. We are hoping you’re going to go for the Full Monty and have some cauliflower, kale, collards, brussel sprouts and beets! I don’t intend to try convincing you of the nutritional benefits of the beet for detoxification and cleansing of the liver. Most people wouldn’t argue. They just have never cooked a beet before and don’t know how to start. Beets seem alien. Follow along as we transform a beet from an alien in your kitchen to an over-the-top nutritional superpower to pack in tomorrow’s lunch. Here’s how:
Wrap a raw beet in foil and throw it in the oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. At the same time, wrap a couple of yams in their own foil jackets and throw ’em in the oven as well. Prep Time elapsed: about three seconds. Cleanup: zero seconds.

The beet has come out of the oven and cooled, and is ready to slice.

Glamorous! Nutritious! Your body is going to love this. Say goodbye to constipation and sluggish gall bladder.

The beet joins a yam and some cooked quinoa before heading into your lunch bag. This meal is chock-full of enough fiber and nutrition to sustain you for hours, and it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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