Think Whole Foods this Thanksgiving!

By Sharon Martinez
In November 11, 2013
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For those of you getting a grocery list together for a fantastic Thanksgiving feast, here’s a recipe I love, courtesy of raw foods Chef AJ, featured in the video above.
1 bag organic cranberries
2 oranges, peeled, plus the zest of one orange
3 handfuls of whole dates (pitted)
….throw everything in your blender or food processer and pulse until smooth.

You can sample this raw cranberry relish at Chiropractic Advantage this Friday and Saturday! We promise it’s going to be a little better than the raw beet juice many of you tried last week, but just as good for you!

This cranberry recipe is great for a couple of reasons. There is nothing to jiggle out of a plastic-lined can or cook on the stove here. Second, by using fruit and dates for sweetness, you are getting the whole foods goodness of fiber, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients along with your cranberries. Think how happy your body will be to get all this goodness without any white sugar!

Love to all and cheers as we begin another holiday season working toward a Healthier Lifestyle! Dr. Sharon Martinez

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