Wes’ Excellent Marathon Results

By Sharon Martinez
In March 28, 2012

Congratulations to Chiropractic Advantage Patient Wes Carey!

Congratulations to Wes Carey, who ran the L.A. Marathon last Sunday with an excellent time. If you read my previous blog article on Wes, you know that he came in to Chiropractic Advantage for a pre-event tune-up. We adjusted Wes’ spine, feet and ankles and taped his iliotibial band. Wes reports “Here is my time from LA marathon, 1 hour faster than my previous marathon…, I felt awesome!! My joints never hurt one bit, thanks for the adjustments.”

Wes' Version of A Healthier Lifestyle

I know that, for many of you, A Healthier Lifestyle includes chiropractic care, good nutrition and exercise, and following your dreams. Here’s to all of us out there making the planet a healthier place! Dr. Sharon

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